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Clinique, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer – All Skin Types, 50Ml

162.00 $
What It Is: Our clinical-strength serum visibly improves dark spots. What It Does: Even Better Clinical Serum is proven to

Chanel, Le Lift Lip And Contour Care

100.00 $
Expert skincare that targets the fragile skin on the lips and around the mouth, an area that is particularly susceptible

Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate, 20Ml

88.00 $
When you feel your skin is acting up, PRESS RESET TONIGHT. This innovative overnight treatment, with Chronolux™ S.O.S. technology, helps

Clinique, Id Dramatically Different Moisturizing Bb Gel For Lines & Wrinkles

55.00 $
A first-of-its-kind custom-blend hydrator that hydrates and treats your main skin concern, your way. Combines a hydration base of Dramatically

Avene, Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemishes Concentrate – Acne-Prone Skin, 30Ml

24.00 $
Cleanance Comedomed is a unique treatment that reduces existing pimples and blackheads and limits the appearance of new imperfections thanks

Avene, Tolerance Control Restorative Soothing Balm, 40Ml

23.00 $
Tolérance Control Soothing balm for hypersensitive, reactive, intolerant or allergic skin calms the skin in 30 seconds. Thanks to ultra-calming

Ducray, Dexyane Med Soothing Repair Cream, 100Ml

23.00 $
Dexyane MeD Soothing Repair Cream is a face, hand and body cream for the treatment of atopic, contact, and chronic

La Roche-Posay, Effaclar Duo Plus Anti-Imperfections Spf 30, 40Ml

22.00 $
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] SPF 30 40ml with fresh gel-cream texture, moisturizing and matifying, is a recommended care for

Svr, Sensifine Ar Anti-Redness Moisturizing Soothing Intensive Care, 40Ml

20.00 $
For skin prone to redness, with a couperotic tendency. Face. Adults. Real “thermostat” gel-cream that permanently controls redness! Because all

A-Derma, Biology Nutri Nutritive Dermatological Care, 40Ml

19.00 $
Very dry skin is fragile skin prone to itching and tightness on the face. Developed to nourish, rebalance and protect

Svr, Sensifine Soothing Night Oil, 30Ml

19.00 $
Repairing, soothing for sensitive and polyallergic skin with 99.9% ingredients of natural origin to repair overnight. Upon awakening, the skin

Aderma, Cutalgan Refreshing Spray, 100Ml

12.00 $
Does your skin overheat? Sting? Itch? CUTALGAN, a true, ultra-calming and natural reflex. Soothes immediately and for 6 hours* thanks

Dr.Clinic, Hair Regrowth Delay Serum, 30 Ml

9.00 $
Hair-retardant serum is used after waxing or laser epilation applications. Contains gourmar plant and vitamin e. It helps to visibly

Lirene, Superfood Face Peeling, 75 Ml

6.00 $
A natural mechanical peeling for the skin of the face, using crushed lychee seeds as an abrasive element. It gently

Lirene, Facial Peeling Fine-Grained With Vitamins For Dry And Normal Skin, 75 Ml

6.00 $
Peeling ideally exfoliates dead epidermis, removes imperfections and instantly smoothes the skin. Yuzu and lychee purify and refresh the skin,

Lirene, Coarse-Grained With Coconut For Oily And Combination Skin, 75 Ml

6.00 $
Peeling eliminates imperfections and reduces excess sebum, reducing oiliness of the skin. Natural coconut flakes immersed in a gel formula

Lirene, Under Twenty, Anti-Acne, Enzymatic Antibacterial Peeling, 75 Ml

6.00 $
Enzyme peeling for Under Twenty Anti Acne with antibacterial effect. Efficiently enhances wilted clitiny, pomitly paints the camp, changes the

Lirene, Delicate And Smooth 3% Urea Socks

6.00 $
lirene regenerating socks are an innovative two-step treatment that you can perform yourself at home: the intensely smoothing coarse enzymatic